Personal Boxing mitt work Training gold coast

Private Self Defence & Boxing Pad Man:Gold Coast Consulting and Training Service

Private boxing consultation gold coast

"I am a life-long student of self-defense , combative training and fitness training. I help people incorporate functional and minimalist workout strategies to improve their health, fitness and personal safety."

Self Defence & Boxing Pad Man Gold Coast

"THE MITT MAN" provides a private training and consulting service for self-defense, combative fitness and personal fitness training to the general public and private high-risk professionals" . 

Beginners Boxing Classes Gold Coast Robina

"The Mittman’s" beginners boxing classes (gold coast service), is very popular and he also offers  private workshops and  1 on 1 training on this unique training System.

Self Defence, Kickboxing,  MMA ,FMA & Boxing Fitness Gold Coast Training

"THE MITT MAN" also offers "in-home" and outdoor fitness & a  mobile personal boxing training gold coast robina service. If you don’t have the spare time or don’t want a public crowded Gym,then our mobile boxing training or mobile fitness (gold coast service), is the perfect solution.

Contact "THE MTTMAN” below to register for a private consultation and introductory training session.

  • The Private consultation and introductory private training session is a good time to see the training facility, and if applicable , actually try the training out !. This is also a good time to meet your  instructor ,personal trainer or coach in person and find out how we can help you incorporate our services to improve your health, fitness and personal safety.This will also help you make a better and more accurate decision or help with any comparisons that you may want to make. 
  • Please Contact our Private Gym/Studio to book a consultation with or without an introductory private training session.For convenience please  go directly to our contact form to choose your options and book a private consultation NOW!) ....
  • If you require EXACT prices OR HAVE ANY QUESTIONS , then please read Q&A page first ! as most of your answers can be found here.   
  • Because we offer private services, all classes , courses & programs are by appointment only. No“Walk- ins”.
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