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About "The Mitt Man” - Personal Boxing Mitt Work Training Gold Coast

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"The Mitt Man" offers a well established "Private Training Facility for EXCLUSIVE and PRIVATE mitt work training , boxing, kickboxing, mma, fma and personal fitness training."The MittMan" is also available for private hire as a "general mitt man" for any gym or individual".                                       

"The Mitt Man” Trainer Profile  - Boxing & Mitt Work Training

Currently training out of Robina on the Gold Coast and traveling to numerous gyms, (and also offering he's own Private Training gym) to those who want to learn &/or add specialized mittwork training to their training camps. "The Mittman” offers a boxing pad man gold coast service & provides hands on technical training &  private consultation services for various athletic clients, gyms and fighters with various backgrounds. 

Beginners Boxing Classes Gold Coast Robina

The Mittman’s "boxing pad work for beginners (gold coast service) is very popular and he also offers private workshops and  1 on 1 training on this unique training System.He is also available for private hire as a "general mitt man" for any gym or individual".

For further information about private , one on one, or two on one training..Please Contact "THE MITTMAN" NOW!

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A Unique Style of Personal Boxing Mitt Work Training

In 2007  "The Mittman" developed this unique Training System, with a combination of certain aspects of the western &  fillipino boxing arts aswell as incorporating his own style of technical pad work.  This unique style of mittt work and training comes from a mxture of mainly western boxing and fillipino arts.Other influences to his style include Floyd Mayweather .

"The Mittman" is very experienced and  is in high demand due partly to his teaching style and unique way to adapt, break down, and apply he's mittwork techniques in an easy to understand way. 

"The Mitt Man" 

Boxing Coach, Instructor ,Personal Trainer,Ex Boxer

  • Well over 26 years experience as a Boxing ,MMA & kickboxing Coach,personal trainer and boxer !
  • Fully Qualified first aid 
  • CPR Certification. 
  • Blue Card Holder
  • Nutrition 
  • Recreational & Competitive boxing experience (A.B.A)
  • Registered with Fitness Australia 
  • Registered with Boxing Australia 
  • Fully Qualified & experienced Level 1 Boxing Coach. 
  • Fully Qualified trainer Cert. IV Fitness (Personal Trainer)
  • Fully Qualified trainer Advanced Cert. Boxing / Kickboxing 
  • Fully Qualified trainer Boxing for Fitness Cert
  • Fully Qualified trainer Level 1 Cert. Boxing
  • Fully Qualified trainer Cert. III Fitness (Gym Instructor)
  • Amongst numerous other things ,"The Mittman"  has also taking part in amateur boxing and general boxing fitness activities in the UK given by the A.B.A (Amateur Boxing Association)

The Mitt Man has been offering boxing pad work for beginners (gold coast robina) for several years and has also organised and run programs and classes for children and adults in numerous countries and worked with numerous other organisations including National Sports Centres.He has accreditation within Australia and numerous other Advanced qualifications and certificates including western Boxing, ,MMA ,FMA , kickboxing, personal training, and other Advanced coaching and Instructor Certificates. All he's personal trainer certificates & qualifications are also recognised by Fitness Australia.

Boxing Pad Man Gold Coast Service

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Contact "THE MITTMAN"  by using the online form 

... OR CALL  for EXCLUSIVE and PRIVATE mitt work training for boxing, kickboxing, mma,fma,self defence and personal fitness training.......Try it, you won't be disappointed.

The Benefits of "The Mittmans" Focus Pad Mittwork Training System

If you want to develop and refine your body shape,conditioning, fighting or self defence skills quickly, then "The MittMan" can seriously  help you with he's  focus pad training programs... Read more >

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Why Train With The Mitt Man?

Apart from offering numerous unique & "TRULY PRIVATE" training services (with over 26yrs experience) ! , here are some other reasons.....Read more >

private boxing padwork training gold coast

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