Personal Boxing mitt work Training gold coast

Boxing Pad Man Gold Coast Hire Service for Boxing MMA Kickboxing FMA and Fitness 

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If required,"THE MITT MAN" can  provide individuals, clubs, gym owners, managers or personal trainers a "Boxing Pad Man Gold Coast Service" .

Personal Boxing Mitt Work Training Gold Coast

Currently training on the Gold Coast and traveling to numerous gyms,"THE MITTMAN" is available for private hire as a "mittman/padman for your gym and will be able to help you if you answer yes to any of the following questions....

  • Do you want an experienced mitt man short or long term ?
  • Do you want someone who is reliable,trustworthy and competant? 
  • Are you short staffed, and need an experienced "mitt man" quickly?
  • Are you a personal trainer who needs an experienced "mitt man" ?
  • Do NOT want staff  to learn or incorpotrate  "The Mitt Man's" Unique Mittwork Training System into existing training or programs, but require a more "general mittman/padman service" for your gym or business?
  • Do NOT want to have the buisness incorporate  "The Mitt Man's" Unique Mittwork Training System ,but require a more "general mittman/padman service" for your business?
  • DO you want a mobile boxing fitness (gold coast service)?...

Then Contact "THE MITT MAN" NOW !…….

How much does it cost? Because "The Mittman" offers customised services & pricing to meet specific needs, all pricing and options are different and dependent on your exact needs.

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