Personal Boxing mitt work Training gold coast

Personal Boxing Training , Kickboxing ,MMA ,FMA & Fitness for Everyone

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"The Mittman" is a well experienced Boxing Coach, MMA Instructor, Personal Trainer & Boxing Pad Man (gold coast based)

 He offers some of the best Personal Boxing mitt work Training on the gold coast.He is based in Robina and also offers PRIVATE  boxing training ,MMA, FMA, personal Fitness, kickboxing and self defence training.

Boxing Pad Work for Beginners Gold Coast Robina

The Mittman caters for experienced & beginners. Do you want to get fit ?  ,learn a martial art or self defence? ,or maybe incorporate intelligent focus pad training into your fitness,boxing or martial arts training and workout sessions? ….if so, then YOU need to contact "The Mittman"  NOW!”

Personal Boxing Mitt Work Training Gold Coast

The Mittman" not only provides PRIVATE Training and a personal Fitness gym on the Gold Coast , but also a PRIVATE consulting service in Robina for self-defense and combative fitness solutions to the general public and private high-risk professionals . 

Private Boxing Self defence  Kickboxing  MMA FMA Training

"THE MITTMAN” offers a boxing "pad man" gold coast service & is available for private hire as a "general mitt man" ,for any gym and offers a Unique Boxing MMA FMA Kickboxing and Fitness Mittwork Training System

All of this is offered in a well established , Private Training Facility, for EXCLUSIVE & PRIVATE training ! Times are from 6am to 10pm,7 days a week. All programs & sessions run on days & times to suit clients (subject to availability).

Self defence, Kickboxing,  MMA ,FMA & Boxing Fitness Gold Coast Training

We also offer "in-home" and outdoor fitness & a  mobile personal boxing training gold coast robina service. If you don’t have the spare time or don’t want a public crowded Gym,then our mobile boxing training or mobile fitness (gold coast service), is the perfect solution.

Contact "THE MTTMAN"to register for a private consultation and introductory training session.

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General Mitt Man Hire Service

If you are a gym owner /manager you can hire "The Mitt Man" as a "general mitt-man") "THE MITT MAN" can  provide clubs &  gyms a "general mittman service" .......

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ALSO Available...

Private Youth Training Private Kids Boxing MMA FMA Fitness & Focus Pad Mittwork Training (12yrs old min)

Private Womens Only Training Private Womens Only Boxing MMA FMA Fitness & Focus Pad Mittwork Training

Private Mens Only Training - Private Boxing MMA FMA Fitness & Focus Pad Mittwork Training

Private Circuit Training Private Boxing,MMA FMA Fitness & Focus Pad Mittwork Training  

Private Mixed Training Boxing MMA,FMA,Fitness & Focus Pad,Mittwork Training  

Private Old School Strength & Conditioning Private Boxing,MMA,FMA,Fitness & Focus Pad/Mittwork Training 

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