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Mobile Personal Boxing Training Gold Coast Robina Service

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Receive Private training in your own home or space with "The Mitt Man's” convenient AND mobile boxing training , coaching, personal training & tuition services.

Mobile Boxing Pad Man Gold Coast Service

Try "The Mitt Man's” "in-home" & outdoor mobile Personal boxing training & fitness service. If you don’t want a public crowded gym or have the spare time , then our mobile personal boxing training or mobile boxing fitness (gold coast service)  is for you !.

Mobile Boxing Personal Trainer (Gold Coast Robina Service)

"The Mitt Man” specialises in private mobile boxing, boxing fitness & personal training sessions. You can choose to train as privately as you would like, inside your own home,garage or in your garden.You will train with your very own mobile boxing personal trainer (gold coast robina service) or a mobile fitness trainer (gold coast service) 

With "The Mitt Man's” Mobile Personal boxing Training service you will train in a true private environment. NO gym membership, NO intimidation, NO crowds and NO waiting!….

We have got a mobile fitness trainer and program just for you! ...

Your mobile boxing personal trainer is focused only on YOUR goals and what YOU want to accomplish.  Your Personal boxing Trainer will develop a program designed specifically for you, while monitoring your progress and making adjustments so you will reach your goals quicker ! You are accountable and responsible for achieving those goals! "The Mitt Man” does this because he CARES about YOUR health & fitness success !

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Mobile Boxing Fitness Gold Coast

With "The Mitt Man's” In-home & mobile boxing personal trainer (gold coast robina service),we come to you in the privacy and convenience of your own home. "The Mitt Man” does NOT believe in a “one size fits all” attitude towards training , so every session will be fully customised around you & your goals. 

All you need is your garden, garage, lounge or spare room. Your mobile boxing personal trainer will bring all necessary equipment you need to reach your goals!

Don’t wait any longer, book now and get started on learning new skills & getting fit ! 

Your consultation includes a private mobile personal boxing training  session at your home and we will also discuss your needs and give you an estimate of our prices.. 

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"If you want to train at home for privacy, please remember that "The Mitt Man” provides a private boxing gym that is 100% private so it’s still VERY PRIVATE if you come to us."

Costs for "The Mitt Man's” Mobile Personal Boxing Training Gold Coast Robina Service

Mobile service prices start from $65 depending on the package you choose. We also offer discounts if you want to train with a friend (2 on 1 training service) ,so your sessions cost less ! We are the BEST VALUE in Personal boxing Training on the Gold Coast! AND you will get a qualified, professional & VERY experienced personal boxing trainer/coach !

Contact "The Mitt Man” for more info, or to book an appointment (6am to 10pm)

or Call "The Mitt Man” To Book

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Answers To Common Questions

Question-What is the service area that "The Mitt Man” will travel to train me?

Answer. "The Mitt Man” can service most areas on the gold coast but our usual service areas is within 5km of Robina,Gold Coast,Qld 4226. If you are outside this area then please contact "The Mitt Man” for prices.

Question- How much does it cost ?

Answer-"The Mitt Man's” mobile boxing and fitness Training packages start from $65 depending on your specific needs and where you are located.

Question-Where does my mobile personal boxing trainer &/or mobile fitness trainer train people?   

Answer-"The Mitt Man” will train you at your home at time that suits you ! (subject to availability). Your mobile boxing personal trainer will bring all the equipment you need to get a great session, all you need is a bit of space in the lounge room or a small garden. Aside from remote areas, we don’t charge any extra for mobile boxing Training.

Question-Do I have enough space or equipment at home for Personal boxing Training? 

Answer-Yes! .Because "The Mitt Man” (your Mobile Personal boxing trainer) knows thousands of exercises that need nothing more than a set of boxing pads and your own body weight, a small space or lack of equipment IS NOT a problem. Depending on your goals, "The Mitt Man” will bring everything you need.

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