Personal Boxing mitt work Training gold coast

Private Fitness Training for Beginners Boxing,MMA, Kickboxing & FMA

the mitt man boxing focus mitts  robina gold coast

" These sessions include basic techniques & circuits with an emphasis on general or specific fitness. goals “ -  All fitness levels welcome.

Fitness Training Options:

Beginners Boxing Classes Gold Coast Robina Service  - 

Learn "REAL" basic Boxing techniques with our beginners boxing classes gold coast robina service suited to fitness. Training includes cardio & strength training with a Level 1 Boxing Coach, Advanced Cert. boxing trainer or a fully qualified Personal trainer Cert. IV (for fitness components only).

Learn KickBoxing,MMA & FMA

Learn KickBoxing, MMA or FMA techniques suited to fitness including cardio & strength training with an Advanced Cert. boxing trainer or a fully qualified Personal trainer Cert. IV (for fitness components only).The Circuits are great for cardio which uses similar fitness techniques fighters & athlete's use to get fit! Use boxing bags, speed ball and other boxing apparatus. 

Also included is focus pad work training with a trainer as well as body weight exercises.  A great intro to your chosen art and excellent for improving fitness and strength.Session consists of cardio exercises & basic techniques.

Mobile Boxing Fitness Gold Coast

We also offer "in-home" and outdoor boxing fitness & a  mobile personal boxing training gold coast robina service. If you don’t have the spare time or don’t want a public crowded Gym,then our mobile boxing training or mobile fitness (gold coast service), is the perfect solution.

Contact "THE MTTMAN" for a private consultation and introductory training session.

Book an introductory training session now !.

  • Optional - general nutrition plans are available. Plans Include a general food plan,supplementation plan & a hydration plan.
Boxing,KickBoxing,MMA,Fitness training gold coast

As mentioned ,we offer exclusive private training so we do not take "walk-ins" to form a "public" group which is what most other gyms cater for.

Note: Dress is usually standard gym wear.It is highly recommended you invest in your own pair of hand wraps which I can sell you ,or most fitness equipment stores will carry hand wraps. I do not provide or offer every item due to hygiene reasons, but these are also items many people wish to purchase and own themselves anyway.

All boxing nutrition & fitness assessments  are FREE!

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