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Benefits of "The Mitt Man's  Boxing, MMA,Kickboxing,FMA & Fitness Training System

Fighter training with the mittman

"Not only is my fitness and combative pad work training  an excellent, whole body form of exercise. The conditioning provides fitness qualities directly relevant to self-defense and fighting."

Benefits of Boxing Training,Kickboxing,MMA,FMA & Fitness 

Who Is It For ?

Some of the benefits for our training including our personal boxing mitt work training (gold coast service), is that they are available & suitable for anyone who is intrested in training to get fit in a new & fun way & also for learning new skills. If you want to develop and refine your body shape, conditioning,fighting or self defence skills quickly, then "The MittMan" can seriously  help you with he's  focus pad training System or any of he:s other private  Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA,FMA & Fitness programs,courses or services.

Mittwork Course

Learn "The Mittmans" Unique Boxing,MMA  Kickboxing,FMA & Fitness Mittwork System 

This Training System is also designed for gyms & fitness professionals (personal Trainers, martial art Instructors & boxing coaches etc).It will allow them to bring this unique system of training (& all the boxing training benefits that are included) into their current programs. 

If you wish to learn "The Mittmans" Unique Boxing,Kickboxing,MMA,FMA & Fitness Mittwork Training System and are interested in focus pad training or are already a proficient puncher or holder, then "The MittMan"s Unique  training system is an excellent training course to complete for getting your pad work up and running quickly, safely and in a unique and effective way.

Recieve the Benefits of Boxing & Learn "The Mittmans" Unique Boxing,Kickboxing,MMA,FMA & Fitness Mittwork System NOW!


Benefits of a typical “Mittman” Training Session

The Ultimate Workout

A typical  "Mittman" training session stimulates all muscle groups, burns fat ,  builds confidence  and provides the perfect & fun combination of aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (short-burst, without oxygen) exercise.  "The Mittman"  boxers' workout is guaranteed to reduce stress and get anyone into the best shape of their lives.

To perfect fight-related  conditioning and basic Boxing,KickBoxing,MMA,FMA skills while developing the stamina to survive !

"The Mittmans" Boxing,KickBoxing,MMA,FMA  sparring and workouts improves every type of physical capacity: strength , power, coordination, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness and endurance. Exercises that are emphasized include, heavy bag, speed-ball spring-ball and medicine-ball work, skipping, running, weight-training (calisthenics mainly), and wind-sprints.

 In short, my focus pad training style improves ones reflexes, endurance, flexibility, coordination, speed, power and cardiovascular fitness.

Benefits Summary:

Learning and performing correct Stances / Footwork, Defensive Manoeuvres,Wrapping Hands ,Rhythm / Coordination,Punch Combinations • How to jump Rope,How to hit Heavy Bags , How to hit Focus Mitts ,Reaction & counter punching, Self-defense Techniques,Increased Speed ,Increase upper & lower body strength, Better balance footwork & coordination,Substantial increase in cardiovascular endurance & stamina, Relief from stress,Unique total body workout,Increase confidence & self-esteem, All equipment supplied .



Many people do martial arts and self-defense training to get into shape… often to lose weight ."The Mitt Mans" Focus mitt training is excellent for fat loss. Here’s why…                                                                                                                                                                                                      Fat burning is accomplished more effectively by interval training. Interval training involves periods of moderate to high intensity exertion mixed with low intensity periods in between. This type of training will increase your metabolism for hours after your workout and you will burn more overall calories and body fat. Focus pads are excellent for interval training.

boxing focus mitts training gold coast


Gaining the skills to look after oneself gives a lot of confidence.So if you need to protect yourself in a self-defense situation, you will be better at finishing things quickly and cleanly, due to heightened confidence levels and skill. When you are confident of your ability to defend yourself physically, this often translates to a psychological benefit of self-contentment and peace of mind.

FOCUS MITT/PADWORK  TRAINING IS FUN & CHALLENGING!                                                                                             Focus mitt training is FUN!. Training with focus mitts allows you to perform lots of drills and “games.” Because there are so many ways to use focus mitts, it’s easy to keep your training fun and interesting. And most importantly… if you enjoy doing something, you’ll do it more often.


After a hard day, hitting the heavy bag for five to six rounds serves as a tremendous stress release. Boxing (particularly concentrating on the focus mitts) enhances the ability to relax, which helps one to keep calm and poised under pressure. In this sense, boxing might help one to manage their life more efficiently. 

A lot of chemical and physical changes occur that, if left unchecked become toxic and unhealthy.That is why focus mitt exercises is so healthy and such a great way to manage stress. Impact training such as hitting  focus pads  reduces streess levels.• Boxing is the ultimate sport for countering stress, in my opinion. The combination of strength training and aerobic work provides the best of both worlds in terms of feeling a muscular pump and stimulating the cardiovascular system - both of which enhance psychological well being.


Mental Toughness is the ability to be effective, healthy and happy regardless of the stress in your life. It involves improving your ability to cope with stress by repeatedly exposing yourself to stress and then recovering from it. Focus pad training can be used to improve your mental toughness in many ways.


Did you know that conditioning is “exercise specific?”The best way to condition your body for fighting is by performing movements and actions that are like fighting. It’s as simple as that.I have trained with people who would be considered very fit but tire very quickly when introduced to combative training drills. The good news is that there are a wide variety of combative drills that you can do with focus mitts that will tone the muscles, build your stamina and endurance and enhance your self-defense performance.

FOCUS MITT/PADWORK  IMPROVES YOUR SPARRING AND FIGHTING SKILLS                                                                                  

When holding the pads and watching various punches travelling in your direction, you begin to establish “pattern recognition” which will enhance your ability to anticipate and defend yourself from an attack.

"Perfecting The Art of Technical Mittwork”                                                                                                                                                                                                      Home     I    Contact     I     Q&A      I    Training     I    Quick Search     I     Privacy Policy      I    Disclaimer     I     Terms & Conditions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   All Content on this site unless otherwise stated is copyright © 2017